Pictures help us remember moments in time.

Meaningful Keywords:

  • 37*44’49″ N,   119*32’06″ W is accurate but not meaningful
  • “Half Dome”, “Yosemite National Park”, “California” are meaningful
  • 38*35’31″ N,  121*25’56″ on 7/26/2011 17:53:23 is accurate but not meaningful
  • “California State Fair”, “Cal Expo” are meaningful

Customized tagging (coming soon!):

  • “Home” is meaningful but is a different place for each of us
  • “Anniversary” or “Jimmy’s Birthday” is meaningful but also unique for each of us
  • Events can span multiple days and do not require specific locations
  • Customize your private places & events



  • Keywords can be stored as part of industry standard EXIF metadata attached to your pictures
  • Most photo editing / management tools can search on these keywords
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