Photographer FAQ


Are the keywords generated searchable using common tools such as Picasa?
Yes. The keywords are stored in industry standard EXIF metadata which is part of the JPEG file. Applications that have the ability to read this metadata can search on the keywords.

My picture didn’t generate any keywords.
All pictures taken on land which have embedded location (GPS) information should generate at least one keyword. If this isn’t the case please contact us and we will figure out what happened.

What is EXIF?
EXIF is a standard way of adding ancillary information to media files (pictures, video, music, etc.). It includes all kinds of information such as camera make / model, date / time, camera settings and more. More information may be found about EXIF on Wikipedia at:

Why is registration necessary?
A: In the very near future, we will enable the ability to personalize the tagging experience. You will be able to create private locations & events as well as customize the holidays you wish to tag. Stay tuned for these developments!

My event did not show up!
We are constantly working to improve the tagging experience by forging relationships with various data providers. Please tell us about your event and we will be sure to add it to the database.

What happens if I run the picture through the desktop application and/or plug-in multiple times?
No worries! We de-duplicate the keywords so that they only show up once.

Desktop Application
What are the system requirements?
This application has been tested on Windows 7 & Windows XP with JRE version 6 available from It has also been tested on Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion. Because this application was written in Java, it should be compatible with other operating systems.

Will the application change my JPEG files?
Yes but only the EXIF metadata component of the file. The original image information will not be affected

Will you support additional image formats?
Eventually, our plan is to add more support image formats. Drop us a line and let us know which file types are most important to you.

Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) Plug-In
How do I get to the iPictDB plug-in for WLPG?
Highlight the pictures you would like to tag, then click:

Create –> More Tools –> Add keywords

Picasa Plug-in
How do I get to the iPictDB plug-in for Picasa?

On the bottom ribbon in the main screen, there should be a button for iPictDB. Highlight the images you wish to tag and click that button.