About Us

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

Inspired in 2010 by a photographer and parent, iPictDB was created to help people find their pictures. With digital photography, the virtual shoebox has grown boundless and the need for a way to find these pictures became apparent. The addition of GPS capabilities into cameras meant that we now know where we took the pictures in addition to when we took them. Armed with these two pieces of information and a big database, we can now figure if that picture corresponded to an event because all events take place at a location and in a moment of time.


Peichen Chang – Founder

Father of 3 boys, Peichen has had a long standing passion for sports and portrait photography. Prior to creating iPictDB, Peichen has worked as a software engineer and marketing/sales manager at a number of technology companies including: Hewlett-Packard, Datek Online, PMC-Sierra and Emulex.

Peichen received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his MBA from Oregon State University.

Denis Bonderanko – Director, Server Software Development

Denis joins iPictDB with over 10 years experience in Database and Java developments. He has worked as a programmer for IXC and Bitlab as well as a IT department lead for MADEK.

Graeme Plant – Advisor

In addition to assisting business owners in the sale of their business, Graeme is the managing director of the El Dorado Hills Technology Incubator and is an active “angel” investor in northern California growth companies. Graeme is on the board of several young growth companies. Graeme started his career with Sprint and then Hewlett Packard before joining startups ShareWave and Little Mountain Group. Graeme led the acquisition efforts to sell Little Mountain Group, which sold to QLogic in 2001 for $30 million.Graeme has an engineering degree from UC Davis and an MBA from UC Berkeley.  Graeme is a registered broker with the California Department of Real Estate.Graeme is also a deal maker for Woodbridge Group, a nationally recognized M&A firm focused on the middle market. Graeme holds a FINRA/SEC Series 68 license.